Startup Package on Hexfit

What is Hexfit (for those who still do not know!)?

Hexfit is a software for customer monitoring and creation of training programs for physical health professionals that has been designed to optimize the achievement of the goals of your customers. In addition to a bank of exercises over 6000 exercises of all kinds, Hexfit contains features specific to the field of kinesiology that keep track of your customers' evolution and save you time. Several tools are at your disposal:

  • Creation of training programs
  • Data managment
  • Custom graphics
  • Document Management
  • Goal tracking
  • And even more !!!

Your customers can even access the free mobile application for, among other things, complete their training program or documents in addition to contacting you by the internal messaging

Know that Hexfit is the most flexible software on the market. It is used to predict the injuries of Olympic athletes, to help people lose weight and even to help the rehabilitation of patients. You will be able to customize and create a set of elements. For example, you can create your own custom data, your physical tests, assessment documents, forms, etc.


For students

In addition to being the best software for Kinesiologists, Hexfit helps you during your time as a student with a 95% discount (!!).


Starting a business

When starting a business, it is important to be well structured from the start. It is also important to ensure that you comply with all the rules regarding file keeping. That's why Hexfit will also help you with starting your business by facilitating payments for the first 6 months this way :


  • Pay only 1/3 of the price for the first 3
  • Pay only 2/3 of the price for the next 3 months
  • From 7 months, take advantage of the 10% discount thanks to the partnership in ACK and Hexfit.