Work or Postgraduate Program ?

A college degree in kinesiology can be crucial to a career in the fitness industry. A degree program might be called movement science, exercise science, physical education or even recreation; finding the one that best matches your skills and interests requires some research. Let’s look at typical questions from people interested in the fitness profession:

What Else Can I Do to Strengthen my Experiences While I Am Working on my Degree?

Students can strengthen their experiences by selecting internships, obtaining a minor, becoming certified and attending conferences. All these will make you more marketable after graduation.

Internships are essential, and are required at many colleges and universities. Internships provide critical experience in a learning environment and will help you to decide what avenue you may want to pursue post-graduation. Internships also lead to jobs, as many sites will hire the student intern after the internship.

Attending conferences offer a great way to acquire additional knowledge, network and understand what the industry is all about.

With all the experiences you will obtain, the best way to showcase my work is to keep a portfolio with sections such as certifications, continuing education, work experiences and work samples. The portfolio helps you organize all your accomplishments and is even more powerful than a resume when it comes to the job interview.

What Do I Do Once I Graduate?

Following graduation you should be able to find a job very quickly. Therefore, as you are preparing to graduate, you should reflect back upon all your experiences during your degree program. Take your time during your degree to explore all avenues of fitness and to develop relationships with potential employers. Ideally, you will have gained enough experiences through coursework, internships and conferences to determine where your interests lie. If you are still uncertain as to your true passion within the fitness industry, seek more internships in various areas. Kinesiology is changing rapidly and is an ever-changing field that allows us to change and grow with it.

Should you enter in a Postgraduate program - Finding the Right Degree Program

Here are some questions to ask as you research your options:

  • Will you have the chance to choose a concentration, such as sports management, athletic training or kinesiology (the mechanics and anatomy of human movement)?
  • Will the degree program allow you to practice skill sets such as exercise movements and health/fitness assessments?
  • Will you be able to design personal training sessions and group exercises classes?
  • Will the department help you find an internship?
  • How many professors are in the department? Make sure you can get the attention you deserve.
  • What graduate degree programs and careers have recent grads chosen?

Other considerations:

  • If you already know what you want to pursue, then align yourself with the faculty in your proposed career path. Contact reputable faculty members to network and seek opportunities to work under their guidance.
  • Consider the costs and ability to enroll in classes, and whether availability of classes can delay your goals.