Promotional Material

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / Alliance canadienne de kinésiologie (CKA / ACK) provides promotional material to Kinesiologist to help in the delivery of their services and to promote themselves within their community. The CKA / ACK invites Kinesiologists to participate and to get involved in annual events such as National Kinesiology Week in November to increase awareness of the profession,

The CKA / ACK also provides, from time to time, documents and other material to help Kins in the delivery of their services. Please download and adapt the material at your convenience provided you respect the copyrights. You will find:


Upon confirmation of your affiliation, you will receive example of promotional material you may customize and personnalize.

Your success depends on many factors. Recognition of your profession is one of the key elements to help you promote yourself and to make yourself known along enhancing the perception of Kinesiology among the public and other health professionals.

The CKA is providing you simple tools to help increase your visibility and recognition as a Kinesiologist.

Print your personalized Certificate of Affiliation, frame it and place it on the wall of your office or your waiting room.

Promote your services and kinesiology by using the different branding tools related to kinesiology made available to CKA members. Use them to confirm your client's next appointment and on your promotional material for Seminars, Clinics, Events, etc

Visit regularly the CKA website for latest material