The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / Alliance canadienne de kinésiologie (CKA / ACK) provides resources, material and tools to Kinesiologist to help in the delivery of their services and to promote themselves within their community. The CKA / ACK invites Kinesiologists to participate and to get involved in annual events such as National Kinesiology Week in November to increase awareness of the profession,

Please download and adapt the material at your convenience provided you respect the copyrights.

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The forms and documents’ primary use is to provide Kinesiologist (Kins) an example of Consent Form to be used within his/her practice. The CKA / ACK is not responsible for consequences and damages that may occur as an outcome of its use or misuse, incomplete and adaptation by Kinesiologists. It is to be stressed that the aim is to guide Kins and if Kins are in difficulty over interpretation they should seek independent legal advice.

Here are forms used in practice:

  1. EIMC Exercise Prescription Pad for MD(Referrals)
  2. Health Assessment Forms
  3. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire - PAR-Q
  4. Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination - PARmed-X
  5. Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination- PARmed-X FOR PREGNANCY
  6. Consent Form
  7. Consent to Share information Form - Medical Authorization
  8. Functional Movement Screen - Score Sheet
  9. Receipt Form

Regardless of whether you are billing through a statutory system or billing clients directly, the principles of transparency and accuracy always apply. When billing clients directly your invoices must, at a minimum, include:

  • your name
  • your registration/accreditate/affiliated/membership number
  • the date the service was provided
  • the amount owing and paid
  • a description of the service

Ensuring your membership/affiliation/accreditation designation and registration number are on the invoice is important information for a client to have if they are attempting to have the service covered by a third party insurer.