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New Hub of Information
“Knowledge is power - scientia est potentia” they say. Information is power – but only when it is the right information The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / Alliance canadienne de kinésiologie (CKA / ACK) wished to make information more available through its communication tools ie websites and social network. It wishes to be “hub for Kin” – a hub of information. The CKA / ACK website newly refreshed now holds information and links to PKAs events and social network news, a new directory giving Kins more national exposure, and many answers and tricks for kins to give their clients.

The CKA / ACK Recruiting Editorial Collaborators
Have you ever written a few articles or come across research relating to kinesiology practice that would be of interest to all in the profession? The CKA /ACK is looking for content, related to Kinesiology  to share with our readers of the eNewsletter, CKA / ACK website and other means to come on various subjects i.e.Science of Kin, Awareness of the profession, Best practice
stories, Better your business, etc.

Send us your information to News, events, best practice ideas, challenges etc.